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Can You Pop a Hemorrhoid and Is It Safe

When there’s something extra on the skin, some get a strange urge to pull it off - like picking a scab. It’s similar to a pimple. It feels strange, and...


Weightlifting and Hemorrhoids – What You Should Know

Those who lift weights are no strangers to pains for gains. Achy muscles are to be expected, but sometimes lifting causes enough strain for weightlifting hemorrhoids to develop. You look...


Is Coffee Bad for Hemorrhoids?

Coffee drinking is a daily ritual for 64% of your fellow Americans. A “cup of joe” is warm and comforting on a cold day (or an icy cold refreshment when...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

What to Pack In Hospital Bag for Baby

How is your third trimester going? For many moms-to-be, a “nesting” frenzy happens in the final weeks of pregnancy. “Nesting” is a sudden urge to clean and organize your home...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

How to Deal With Postpartum Hemorrhoids And Other After Pregnancy Pains

Of all the stages of pregnancy, the third trimester can feel like the longest. Not only are you ready for all the aches, pains, and swelling to go away, but...


Heavy Squats and Hemorrhoids: How to Properly Exercise

Deadlifting is habit-forming. Some lifters will invest thousands of dollars in setting up a home gym just to have it nearby. As much as a powerlifter works to avoid injuries...


Tips for Running with Hemorrhoids

The love for running is rooted in how it nourishes the mind, body, soul, and spirit. For those who wear out several pairs of shoes a year, and know the...

Skin Care

How to Treat and Calm Itchy Stretch Marks

Finding stretch marks on your body is not something we get all that happy about, but a cute dress covers them right up so we can forget it and go...


Does Walking Make Hemorrhoids Worse?

We know as much as anyone that hemorrhoids hurt. The discomfort that comes along with hemorrhoids has many people asking if they should adjust their routine or avoid exercise completely...

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