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Disorders and Treatments for Hemorrhoids and Fissures

There is no single cause of hemorrhoids. Most often though, hemorrhoids are caused by too much pressure on the anal canal. However, this can be cured using the right hemorrhoid ointments. Hemorrhoids can be due to:

  • Chronic (ongoing) constipation

  • Straining during bowel movements

  • Diarrhea

  • Pregnancy and childbirth

  • Sitting too long on the toilet

  • Strenuous exercise or heavy lifting

  • Aging

  • Fissure

What are Anal Fissures?

Anal tears, aka anal fissures, are one of the most common causes of anorectal pain. Tears are often associated with trauma, e.g., passage of a hard stool, but can also occur during bouts of diarrhea, childbirth, or ulceration of a hemorrhoid. The most common symptom of an anal tear is pain at bowel movement, which can be quite severe and last for some time.

Anal fissures are tears which develop inflammation located in the lining of the distal anal canal, usually along the middle back and are produced when acute anal tears do not heal. The exact causes of anal fissures remain unknown, however Dr. Cutler has hypothesized that fissures are a symptom of another condition such as proctospasm, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel or any other condition causing too few or too many bowel movements which cause an environment which prohibit tears from otherwise healing.

If you have such condition and are looking for a cure for anal fissure then Dr. Butler’s treatment for anal fissures can help you in healing.

Chronic Anal Conditions

Chronic anal fissures have not been typically responsive to conservative medical therapy, and therefore current treatments are frequently directed at surgical techniques. Treatment for anal fissures occurs following surgery in many cases however, a large number of people experience significant pain and some incontinence (weakened muscle) following the surgical procedure.

Doctor Butler’s formulated therapy was physician developed from years of practical application and testing. At Doctor Butler’s, we have recognized a medical need for effective, non-surgical and natural hemorrhoid treatment, treatment of fissures, and other conditions requiring a topical (body surface) therapy. We have discovered compositions which interact together particularly in connection with treatment of these anorectal disorders as well as in wound healing. Ingredients which provide reduction of swelling and are synergistically designed to: Reduce Discomfort, Promote Healing, Protect, Improve Circulation, and promote Antimicrobial Activity (against bacteria, fungus and virus).

Some of the theories applied in the creation of this product can be referred to as “traditional” medicine. At Doctor Butler’s we sought input from “Eastern” or Chinese Medical Practitioners, to obtain even greater, more effective products. Using powerful, natural herbs with mineral & essential amino acids, we were able to “Bio-enhance” the products making them the strongest available over the counter natural hemorrhoid treatment method.

Diagnosing Anal Fissures

Digital examination: If the patient has anal fissures then the patient can go through either digital examination or visual examination. During this process, the doctor will be inserting a lubricated glove inside the patient’s rectum to feel any unusual growth.

Visual examination: If the patient is going through anal fissure issue then the patient can also go through a visual examination. In this, the doctor may also do a proper examination of the lower portion of the colon using an anoscope, proctoscope or they can even use a sigmoidoscope.


It may happen that if you are experiencing a mild discomfort owing to the fissures then your doctor might be suggesting you with effective over the counter Anorectal cream and anal fissure ointment. The ointments might be containing ingredients such as hydrocortisone and lidocaine which is quite helpful in relieving pain and itching of the patient. However, it also needs to be noticed that the over the counter cream must not be used for more than a week until it has been directed by the doctor. Otherwise, it can also prove to be harmful.

Hemorrhoids, Fissures & IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is by definition a group of symptoms related to constipation and diarrhea of an unknown cause. At Dr. Butler’s we provide affordable irritable bowel syndrome treatment to our patients.

This is to be differentiated from bowel disorders caused by identifiable problems. There can be many causes for irritable bowel syndrome such as lactose intolerance, milk allergy, diverticulosis, celiac disease, colitis, thyroid disorders and others.

What Dr. Cutler has found is that many rectal disorders contribute to bowel irritability since it is difficult for the nervous system to differentiate between a BM and other rectal issues such as larger hemorrhoids, proctospasm, irritations, etc., all of which can cause increased peristalsis (or increased bowel mobility). Regardless of the cause, this increase in bowel motility will cause multiple daily bowel movements and create an acidic environment causing the underlying cause of the problem to get even worse.

Therefore, it is very important to reduce ano-rectal swelling and irritation as well as avoiding irritants such as caffeine, milk and excessive alcohol from the diet. It is also important to consider temporary use of an over the counter medication designed to reduce the frequency of BM’s until Doctor Butler’s can effectively reduce the irritation and swelling from its source.

Diagnosing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Firstly, to diagnose if you have irritable bowel syndrome or not the doctor will be checking the patient for the symptoms and will also be checking the family history of the patient. Other than that, the doctor might be doing certain tests such as:

Blood Test: A health care professional would be taking blood samples of the patient and further sending it to the lab. After which the doctor will be checking the conditions other than the IBS which might be inclusive of anemia and digestive diseases.

Stool Test: Under stool test, the doctor or the concerned person will be offering you with a container for your stool sample. Primarily the doctors use stool samples for checking blood in your stool for checking any signs of disease.

Other tests: The doctors might also perform certain other tests which they might find suitable according to the patients need and health issue.

Medication Options for IBS

If you are going through an irritable bowel syndrome then your doctors may recommend you take:

  • Loperamide
  • Rifaximin
  • Eluxadoline
  • Alosetron (Lotronex), which is prescribed only to women and is prescribed with special warnings and precautions

If the condition is with constipation then the doctor may instead recommend:

  • Fiber supplements
  • Laxatives
  • Lubiprostone
  • Linaclotide
  • Plecanatide
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