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Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in and near the opening of the anal canal. They are caused by excess pressure on the veins in that region, either from physical activity or bodily conditions like pregnancy or obesity.

The symptoms associated with hemorrhoids are swelling, itching, burning, discomfort and sometimes bleeding. If a hemorrhoid has been swollen and irritated to the point of the skin breaking, that is what’s known as a fissure.

First treating the hemorrhoid by reducing swollen blood vessels, and then treating the broken skin is your best bet to quickly relieve uncomfortable hemorrhoid symptoms.

What Can I Use to Treat Hemorrhoids?

There are multiple options for hemorrhoid relief. Ointments are common, but sprays and wipes are also effective. Find out more about each here:

Hemorrhoid Creams and Ointments

Every product you order will come with detailed instructions for use. For most, treat for one to two weeks. If after that period you don’t see any improvement, schedule an appointment with your doctor to talk about the issues you’re having.

Creams and ointments generally should be applied once when you wake up, once after your first bowel movement, and then once more before you go to bed. If you feel you need relief between those application periods, try complementing the ointment with natural treatments like an epsom salt sitz bath or pure aloe gel.

Hemorrhoid Wipes and Sprays

Wipes for hemorrhoids come in two forms, medicated and non-medicated. Any wipe you see labeled for use with hemorrhoids is a wipe containing OTC drug ingredients. Typically, that’s going to be a 50% witch hazel wipe, which provides cooling relief and helps reduce swelling common in external hemorrhoids.

Sprays too can either be medicated with active drug ingredients, or contain only inactive, but soothing ingredients. Witch hazel is again a common ingredient in sprays, but you’ll likely find some with Glycerin or other protectants to help soothe irritated skin.

What makes our wipes and sprays different is the addition of our proprietary inactive ingredient formulas made with a blend of traditional herbs, minerals and an amino acid, and our avoidance of unnecessary preservatives and parabens that can cause irritation in most people.

Do Doctor Butler’s Products Treat Hemorrhoids?

Yes. After seeing so many patients who end up needing advanced procedures, our product specialist Dr. Robert Cutler realized that a lot of suffering could be avoided through a more effective OTC for hemorrhoids.

He researched the remedies that worked best to resolve common hemorrhoid issues and applied those to theories of wound care and tissue health. This potent combination of therapeutic ingredients he developed does six things common across all of Doctor Butler’s hemorrhoid products:

  • Keeps hemorrhoids from getting worse
  • Relieves painful symptoms
  • Promotes the healing of raw, irritated tissue
  • Contains beneficial herbal ingredients for soothing relief
  • Avoids harsh chemical irritants
  • Is certified cruelty free


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