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Hemorrhoids, Pregnancy and Motherhood

An open letter: Why Primary Care Physicians Should Prevent Hemorrhoids Through Proactive Screening

Dr. Robert Cutler, our founder and product developer, penned this open letter to increase patient-provider dialogue on the issue of hemorrhoids. Early screening can prevent surgical intervention and other complications....

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Top 14 Postpartum Must Haves for Moms

Doctor Butler’s has long been here to help you find relief from hemorrhoids. But in addition to postpartum hemorrhoids, there are a number of common issues you can anticipate in...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Which Hemorrhoid Cream Is Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a trial of the will! It's a long and often uncomfortable process, and there are so many side effects. One we hear all about at Doctor Butler's is...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy and the Best Way to Treat Them

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are a common inconvenience that can be managed with some time and care. This guide will help you minimize the uncomfortable, itchy, painful symptoms of pregnancy and...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

How Long Does it Take for Stretch Marks to Fade?

In this post we’re going to find out how long it takes for stretch marks to fade, and why they are so stubborn to begin with. They do fade, you...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Just because stretch marks aren’t life-threatening doesn’t mean your fear or annoyance of them is unfounded. In our body-conscious world, the stress caused by the possibility of a bad case...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

How Often Should You Change a Baby’s Diaper?

A baby’s arrival is one of the most joyous days of your life, but those first few weeks sure do feel like a non-stop pop quiz. Some feel such urgency...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

What to Pack In Hospital Bag for Baby

How is your third trimester going? For many moms-to-be, a “nesting” frenzy happens in the final weeks of pregnancy. “Nesting” is a sudden urge to clean and organize your home...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

How to Deal With Postpartum Hemorrhoids And Other After Pregnancy Pains

Of all the stages of pregnancy, the third trimester can feel like the longest. Not only are you ready for all the aches, pains, and swelling to go away, but...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Best Newborn Baby Wipes Brands

Baby skin is paper-thin, super sensitive, and prone to rashes. Even months after birth this largest organ of their tiny body is still fine-tuning itself: making what you put on...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Are Baby Wipes Safe for Babies? What to Look for in a Wipe

Newborn skin is super sensitive and new parents need to be very careful about the types of products they use on their baby in the first few months. Harsh ingredients...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Hemorrhoid Relief During Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment

Pregnancy is indeed a lovely phase! It is a rather important period in the life span of any woman. Undoubtedly, pregnancy is likewise the opportunity to concentrate on a perfect...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

What Chemicals in Baby Wipes Ingredients to Avoid

When you have a new baby and want the best for them, you have to try to keep them safe. You read reviews to figure out what brands are worth...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Choose an Organic Baby Wipe

If you have babies or little kids, you probably use a lot of wipes and diapers every day. A lot of parents have moved away from the use of traditional...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Doctor Butlers’ Latest

Doctor Butlers' has done it again, his commitment to bringing you nothing but the best in organic chemical free products has succeeded again. His new product the baby-friendly totally chem-free...

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