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What Chemicals in Baby Wipes Ingredients to Avoid

When you have a new baby and want the best for them, you have to try to keep them safe. You read reviews to figure out what brands are worth trusting and which ones are not. So as a new mom or dad, what can you do about the harmful chemicals found in baby wipes? You need to use wipes when you change your baby, but how can you make sure they are safe? Here are some ideas.

Contact The Company

One of the first things you can do with regards to the harmful chemicals found in baby wipes is to contact the company. See if they will tell you how they make the wipes and the chemicals that they use. You can learn a lot from asking questions. If you are not happy with their answer, it will be time to go with a different brand.

Stick To Natural Wipes

If you can, stick to natural baby wipes. Stay away from the more mainstream brands. You might have to hunt for these wipes online or in your city but using them will give you peace of mind. Just make sure that you understand why they are labeled as natural.

You might wonder if certain products will get the job done. Make sure to read reviews for wipes as well as talking to your friends about what they use and if any of them are natural. Although every baby is different, hearing how other children reacted to them can help you stay away from brands that didn’t work as well.

Make Your Own

You can always make your own baby wipes to make sure that you stay away from the chemicals. You will need to rewash these and have a plan for that. You can figure out how to make your own and how to keep them clean by reading about what other moms and dads have done. Although it might seem like making your own wipes will take too much time, in the end, you will get used to using them, and it won’t seem like that anymore.

Using your own wipes will give you peace of mind that you are not using anything that can harm your baby. You can choose what type of fabric you use as well as how you clean the wipes. By being in control of this, you will be able to know exactly what is going on your baby.

If you have been using baby wipes with harmful chemicals, try not to beat yourself up over it. As parents, you have to make a lot of choices, and the important thing is that you change the way you are doing things if you figure out there is a problem with something you currently use.

Spend the time looking for alternatives and move on from the harmful wipes. You can reach out to other parents and let them know what you found out. That can make for safer babies overall and less toxic wipes out on the market.

About Robert Cutler, D.O.

Dr. Robert Cutler has performed duties as a specialist in the field of Proctology over 30 years as a practicing physician. Over this time, he has had great success integrating patient care from both an efficiency standpoint and as a practical approach to holistic and preventative medicine.

Dr. Cutler also performs FDA approved Clinical Trials and has had formal research training in Human Subject Assurance Training, OHRP/NIH and Good Clinical Practice for Investigators, Quintiles. Dr. Cutler continues to work on creating more affordable solutions to help people who are affected by ano-rectal problems as well as various chronic or acute skin issues.

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