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Advanced Hemorrhoid Pain & Protection Box by Doctor Butler’s

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Get fast relief and long-term healing for hemorrhoids with our advanced formula and spray bundle, made with Lidocaine and Witch Hazel to reduce pain, soreness, and burning, and with protectants to let irritated skin heal. Bundled together for complementary relief and greater value.

  • Two-way treatment plan for recurring hemorrhoids
  • Witch Hazel plus Phenylephrine spray to shrink swollen hemorrhoids
  • Advanced ointment with protectants to heal skin

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Hemorrhoid Pain and Protection for Long Lasting Relief From Hemorrhoids and Fissures

Our Advanced Treatment Plan

Use this treatment plan if you have recurring hemorrhoids and fissures and have tried other ointments to no avail. Our spray will reduce swelling and our ointment will reduce pain along the anal canal, providing a protective layer so bowel movements don’t trigger more pain and inflammation.

These two products can be thought of as a one-two step in fighting hemorrhoid symptoms. The phenylephrine in our spray with witch hazel will first stop some of the worst symptoms of painful, itchy, and bleeding hemorrhoids. Then the application of our advanced formula ointment will help heal hemorrhoids and fissures and provide relief along the way. This spray plus ointment package was designed to complement one another for a thorough hemorrhoid treatment.


Preventing Hemorrhoids & Fissures

Once initial swelling and pain have resided with the use of the spray and ointment, continue the use of our advanced ointment for one to two weeks to protect hemorrhoid sites from subsequent irritation and flare-ups. This will help to prevent those sites from becoming re-inflamed, preventing a common recurring hemorrhoid problem and stopping hemorrhoids and fissures from becoming worse.

This is all without any parabens or harsh chemical preservatives, standard ingredients in all other medicated hemorrhoid ointments. We do it differently because Dr. Robert Cutler, our Founder and Product Specialist and a board-certified proctologic surgeon, built our formulas free of these additives, making Doctor Butler’s the cleanest medicated option for hemorrhoid ointment anywhere. And, we’re Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free too.

Hemorrhoid Pain and Protection for Long Lasting Relief From Hemorrhoids and Fissures

Who should use our Advanced protection bundle?

If you suffer from chronic hemorrhoid flare-ups, get our advanced hemorrhoid products bundle to prevent the recurrence of a flare-up that you’ve already tamed. That’s what we mean when we say that the ointment contained in this kit is our Advanced Protection & Prevention Formula. It can be used to manage inflammation in times of irritability with its protectant properties. Just apply to the hemorrhoid site for 1-2 weeks after symptoms improve to help protect against another hemorrhoid flare-up.

With the Advanced Formula, you still get Doctor Butler’s proprietary technology that increases the breadth and depth of the medication’s absorption, but now with an even more precise mix of relieving, healing ingredients. Unlike our Maximum Strength ointment, this one contains no Phenylephrine so you can apply it directly to problematic Fissures.

Get this ointment if you need to treat advanced cases of fissures, added protection, soothing relief, and herbal support over our Maximum Strength ointment.

Hemorrhoid Pain and Protection for Long Lasting Relief From Hemorrhoids and Fissures

Doctor Butler’s Satisfaction Guarantee

I know the frustration of trying new hemorrhoid relief products to limited results, so to make that process as pain free as possible, know that you won’t pay a thing if Doctor Butler’s doesn’t meet your expectations. If you are not satisfied, contact us for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Please realize that some conditions require 1-2 weeks of treatment to receive optimal benefits. If you do not improve after applying the treatment for a full two weeks as directed, your condition may be too advanced and not within the intended use for any over the counter treatment. In this case, I recommend you schedule an evaluation with a physician.