Hemorrhoid Products

All-In-One Hemorrhoid Healing & Natural Relief Box

By Doctor Butler's

HSA Approved


Hemorrhoid Products

All-In-One Hemorrhoid Healing & Natural Relief Box

By Doctor Butler's

HSA Approved


Alternate between our award-winning ointment, cooling spray, and anti-inflammatory sitz bath with this all-in-one bundle. Get the best of both medicated and natural relief for your hemorrhoids and leave the pain behind now.

  • Bundles together our most popular hemorrhoid relief products
  • Combines medicated and natural treatments for all-day relief

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HSA Approved

• Medicated & Natural

Get the best of both worlds with our expert developed bundle of medicine and natural soothing solutions for hemorrhoid pain, itching, swelling and burning.

• Proctologist Developed

Created by an experienced anorectal specialist whose mission is to make an effective clinical treatment available to people who've already tried every hemorrhoid cream on the shelf.

• Prescription-Strength Solution

Get potent prescription strength Lidocaine and maximum strength Phenylephrine to leave hemorrhoid pain behind.

• Anti-Inflammatory

Stop swelling with two medicated treatments and soothe symptoms with our epsom salt blend, made with natural anti-inflammatory properties to boost the effectiveness of a sitz bath.

• Natural Ingredients

Get the best of nature with healing antimicrobial herbs, minerals, amino acids and essential oils.

• Odorless & Colorless

No one should have to sacrifice their favorite underwear to clear up hemorrhoids, and with our formula, you won’t have to worry about ruining your clothing or undergarments with stains or odors.

Hemorrhoid Care Kit

What Makes This Bundle Special?

Get our ointment, named the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment by Verywell Health and Best Hemorrhoid Ointment by Health.com for more than two years in a row, combined with our instant swelling-relief spray and doctor-developed Epsom salts for a complete treatment plan that soothes hemorrhoids on the anus and along the anal canal so you can start healing.

This bundle gives you two medicated options for treating swollen hemorrhoids. Ointment for when you are able, and spray for when you need a quick application. You should use these two interchangeably, rather than at the same time, as both contain phenylephrine, a powerful ingredient to reduce swelling. The spray is made with witch hazel to fight pain, and the ointment is made with Lidocaine. Both are effective, and having the two options means your treatments can be suited to your schedule.

The bundle also comes with our Epsom salt formula, which we highly recommend using in a sitz bath to clean before applying ointment or spray. It’s a thorough way to prep for treatment, where the goal is to be clean and free of residue and to relax the affected perianal region.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Pressure from straining and difficult bowel movements due to constipation contribute to hemorrhoids or an anal fissure issue. This pressure causes the hemorrhoid veins to swell.

The main symptoms of hemorrhoids are:

  • Bleeding
  • Pain and swelling
  • Itching or burning

While this condition can be debilitating and agonizing, it’s rarely serious and can usually be treated with some lifestyle changes and over the counter remedies such as ointments.

What Shrinks Hemorrhoids Fast?

With at-home treatment, hemorrhoid symptoms should clear up within a week or so. If symptoms persist or worsen after two weeks, contact your doctor.

Reminder: your lifestyle choices also impact your healing. Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet with plenty of fiber, get regular exercise, and don’t wear clothing that irritates your bottom or traps moisture down there.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoid Cream & Fissure Ointment is backed by a full guarantee. We want our product to be the right one for your situation.

We understand the frustration of trying new products only for each to fall short of expectations, especially when you’ve been living with acute discomfort for so long.

Because of the hesitation that comes from past experiences, we gladly offer a full refund if – for any reason – you are not completely satisfied.

It’s Time to Leave the Pain Behind

The bottom line is to have more people resolve their hemorrhoid and anal fissure problems before they become a bigger pain in the rear. For many sufferers, hemorrhoids are an embarrassing problem they’d rather keep on the down-low. Having an effective at-home treatment gives you that much-needed privacy as you heal the problem. Early intervention is key in preventing a more serious medical problem.

When you hold a tube of Doctor Butler’s, the power is in your hands to end hemorrhoid suffering. With consistent ointment applications according to our package instructions along with a proactive self-care regimen, you will finally leave the pain behind!

Join our growing community of satisfied customers and get the best hemorrhoid cream on the market – Doctor Butler’s. Our product is guaranteed to work and is made by a family-owned company dedicated to helping you successfully resolve hemorrhoid flareups and other anorectal disorders such as anal fissures.

Hemorrhoid Care Kit