Hemorrhoid Products

Multi Relief Combo Pack

By Doctor Butler's

HSA Approved


Hemorrhoid Products

Multi Relief Combo Pack

By Doctor Butler's

HSA Approved


This two-product combo pack includes natural wet wipes and a medicated hemorrhoid spray in one treatment bundle to help with hemorrhoid itch relief and swelling

  • Gentle cleaning and effective relief
  • Complete hemorrhoid treatment kit
  • Bundled for better value
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HSA Approved


• Who should use this bundle?

Those looking to save on our easiest-to-use products. This bundle combines our soothing wipes with our fast acting, mess-less spray for a convenient one-two cleanup and treatment package. Plus, save 10% by bundling!

• How long will it take for my hemorrhoids to go away?

Relief will be instant and swelling should go down about a day after applying spray. We advise one to two weeks of continuous use to tame flare ups. Our wipes can be used as much as needed to clean and soothe the area.

• Does this bundle treat fissures?

This bundle will help treat fissures by taming swollen hemorrhoids, a common cause of fissures. For more direct fissure relief, try our Advanced Hemorrhoid Pain & Protection Box containing our Advanced Formula hemorrhoid & fissure ointment.

• How do I use this bundle?

Use the spray three times a day: Once upon waking up, once after your first bowel movement, and finally again before bed. Every time you have the option to wipe and then spray, or spray the wipe and use it that way. Use the wipes as often as you'd like between treatments.

Gently Clean & Treat

Doctor Butler’s multi relief kit was developed by a board certified Proctologist with effective ingredients to combat the discomfort of wiping and treating hemorrhoids.

Doctor Butler's hemorrhoid treatment spray and wipes review

The best wipe for flare ups

Doctor Butler’s wet wipes were developed by a physician to provide gentle personal cleansing in the sensitive time during a flare up. Our hypo-allergenic wipes are made with an organic-bamboo based cloth, avoiding the use of plastic fibers and harsh preservatives that we know to be a problem.

Doctor Butler’s expertise in treating hemorrhoids is what led us to create these wipes, knowing that typical wet wipes make hemorrhoid problems worse. Instead, our wipes feature calming essential oils like chamomile extract and calendula to help soothe irritated skin, in addition to the plant cloth.

And the best hemorrhoid spray

Our hemorrhoid spray offers a no touch application and a continuous spray for precise use. The formula provides immediate pain and swelling relief, and its 100% natural formula makes it perfect to use on sensitive skin.

Combine the spray with our wipe for a complete cleaning and treatment routine. Simply clean with a wipe and then spray, or spray on a wipe. Both clean and treat effectively.

Our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

If our multi relief kit doesn’t help your hemorrhoids get your money back. Simply send us a message through our Contact page.

Doctor Butler's hemorrhoid treatment spray and wipes