Medicated Flushable Hemorrhoid Wipes with Organic Witch Hazel

By Doctor Butler's



Medicated Flushable Hemorrhoid Wipes with Organic Witch Hazel

By Doctor Butler's


Our only medicated hemorrhoid wipe. Made with Doctor Butler’s unique formula for treating irritated hemorrhoids.

  • Relieves itching and burning
  • Cleanses hard to clean areas
  • Made with pure organic witch hazel

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About our flushable hemorrhoid wipes

• Designed by Expert Proctologists

Dr. Cutler, an experienced proctologist with more than 30 years of practice in the field, developed these medicated wipes because the products on the market were not working for his patients. In some cases, they were making his patient’s hemorrhoids worse. These wipes are made differently, using innovative ingredients, potent medication and a plant derived cloth that work together to effectively soothe swollen, irritable hemorrhoids whether used alone or with ointment as part of a full treatment regimen.

• Gentle Yet Effective OTC Medication

Hemorrhoids are a pain to treat given their location and highly sensitive range of symptoms. OTC medications (including most hemorrhoid wipes) made with chemical stabilizers do not take into consideration existing discomfort or the potential for further irritation are not an effective treatment option. Doctor Butler’s hemorrhoid wipes offer a gentle delivery of medication as they soothe and sanitize the affected area with a gentle yet effective medicated formula.

• Free From Harsh Chemicals

Not all medicated wipes for hemorrhoids are created equal, and using wipes that contain harsh chemicals puts you at risk of further exacerbating a hemorrhoid flare-up or worse, developing a secondary condition. Many stabilizers used to increase the shelf life of a product have been linked to allergic reactions, eczema and more, and Dr. Cutler has developed a formula using only ingredients identified as low risk according to the EWG and others.

• Manufactured in the USA

Doctor Butler’s sources its ingredients from pure plant sources to ensure the highest quality medication, plant extracts and materials go into each wipe. Our cruelty free, plastic free and paraben free flushable hemorrhoid wipes are then assembled and regulated in the USA.

Why Our Medicated Hemorrhoid Wipes Stand Out

Other options for medicated hemorrhoidal wipes are plentiful, but ours stand out because of our founder Dr. Cutler’s many years working as a proctologist. Our formula balances effective medication with soothing plant extracts to reduce hemorrhoid discomfort without the use of harsh irritants and chemical preservatives. The difference is in the formula, with ingredients that will never compromise your long term health for short term relief.

Benefits of Doctor Butler’s Flushable Hemorrhoid Wipes

Choosing Doctor Butler’s flushable hemorrhoidal medicated wipes comes with many benefits. Not only can they be used everyday to treat existing hemorrhoids, but including medicated hemorrhoid wipes in your daily hemorrhoid care routine helps prevent future flare-ups. Doctor Butler’s wipes:

  • Help relieve the local itching and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids
  • Temporarily relieve irritation and burning
  • Aid in protection of irritated anorectal areas

Relief from Discomfort, Itching, and Burning

Remember, our medicated wipes for hemorrhoids do more than simply wipe! They contain powerhouse ingredients that tackle uncomfortable symptoms fast. Dry, non-absorbent toilet paper risks damaging healing skin and tearing the delicate lining of the anus. Using a moisturizing wipe that cools and comforts the area provides relief from itching, burning and redness as it provides a topical dose of our proctologist developed formula.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Using hemorrhoid wipes with witch hazel not only targets symptoms, it ensures that you’re keeping the sensitive skin around your anus free of bacteria. When your skin is irritated, it can hurt to wipe as thoroughly as you should. As a result, fecal matter can start to build-up, particularly around external hemorrhoids or prolapsed hemorrhoids, where pockets of skin can serve as collection sites for unwanted particles. Using a medicated hemorrhoid wipe hits those hard to reach spots you’re likely to miss, keeping your behind clean and your hemorrhoid symptoms in control.

Environmentally Responsible Choice

Doctor Butler’s flushable wipes are made of 30% viscose and 70% wood pulp. What does this mean in terms of environmental impact? Unlike synthetic fibers made from petroleum, viscose is formed from cellulose that is broken down and then regenerated into fiber. Along with wood pulp, viscose is able to decompose into a harmless biomass once it is flushed, preventing the toxic sewage build-up and corrosive chemical by-products caused by wipes that contain plastic or petroleum.

Formulated with Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients do not always mean safe on skin, and Doctor Butler’s went through rigorous testing to find the right formula for its medicated wipes. The following list of ingredients reflects a dedication to lasting relief, innovative science and a commitment to the highest quality treatment that nature has to offer.

  • Organic Witch Hazel: A botanical astringent with anti-inflammatory properties that helps calm hemorrhoids, lessening unpleasant symptoms like swelling, itching, burning and redness. While standard witch hazel is a common inclusion in medicated hemorrhoid wipes, our organic witch hazel ensures you are receiving all the benefits of this ingredient without risk of chemical pesticides that are harmful to both you and the earth.
  • Lysine: An essential amino acid that is required for the body’s production of collagen, a protein that acts as a building block for skin and helps heal wounds. Doctor Butler’s wipes are the only product of its kind to feature this powerful natural ingredient.
  • Rosemary: A perennial herb with antioxidant capabilities, rosemary leaf extract offers a less potent delivery than rosemary oil, whose fragrance can be harsh on sensitive skin. Its cellular and circulation boosting abilities help promote healing at the hemorrhoid site.
  • Calendula: More commonly known as a marigold, the petals of the calendula flower have been shown to increase blood flow and oxygen when applied topically, reducing the duration of symptoms that pop up as a result of hemorrhoid inflammation.
  • Chamomile: Truly a flower that is famous for its healing properties, use of chamomile as a medicinal herb dates back to ancient times. It is a mild astringent that doubles as an anti inflammatory and antioxidant, and chamomile flavonoids penetrate below the skin’s surface to help calm flare-ups and prevent bacterial spread.

Dermatologically Tested and Safe

Doctor Butler’s wipes are certified paraben free and made from the safest plant sourced ingredients available. They do not contain harsh chemicals or harmful stabilizers, and the wipes themselves are composed of plant-based fiber.

Cruelty-Free Commitment

Just like our commitment to keeping our customers safe from harmful ingredients, we extend this same concern to the environment and all its creatures. Not a single ingredient in our medicated wipes or the wipes themselves are tested on animals, as certified by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ Leaping Bunny Logo that you see featured on all of our products. When you’re using Doctor Butler’s, you can be rest assured that you’re helping put an end to needless animal cruelty in the cosmetics industry and beyond.

The Perfect Companion to Our Hemorrhoid Care Products

When it comes to at-home and over-the-counter care, the key to successful treatment is in the application. Creams and ointments won’t be effective if they can’t directly reach the affected area, and medicated wipes make sure the sensitive skin of your perineum is clean, clear and ready for more targeted methods of treatment. Pair our wipes on-the-go with hemorrhoid treatment spray for a touch free one-two punch in portable care.

The Science Behind Our Medicated Formula

Key Active Ingredients

An active ingredient is the primary medicated component helping to treat your hemorrhoid fast. In our flushable wipes, we use certified organic witch hazel for its many medicinal properties. As an astringent, it provides cooling relief as it tackles redness and swelling. Gallic acid and tannins fight inflammation, while antioxidants in the plant help stop the spread of disease-causing free radicals that slow healing.

Essential Natural Extracts

Doctor Butler’s uses a carefully crafted mix of natural ingredients to help bolster the effects of the organic witch hazel in our wipes. Extracts of rosemary, chamomile and calendula promote relief and healing for sensitive skin affected by the hemorrhoid. Lysine, an amino acid, is what separates Doctor Butler’s wipes from the pack – it is the only hemorrhoid wipe available that includes a complete amino acid in its medicated formula. Lysine is a natural moisturizing factor, antioxidant and supports collagen production.

What We Leave Out

Aloe vera, a common ingredient in natural skin care, can cause itching, burning or even eczema with topical use. Given the extra sensitive symptoms that accompany a hemorrhoid flare-up, we do not include aloe in the medicated formula used in our wipes.

Phenoxyethanol, a stabilizer used in skincare products that has been linked to allergic reactions and other serious health concerns. Doctor Butler’s instead formulated its own stabilizer, a safe blend of inactive, natural ingredients marked found to be low risk.

How to Use Our Wipes for Best Results

  1. Remove wipes from the package and cleanse the affected area by gently wiping, patting or blotting the skin.
  2. Avoid rubbing or excessive pressure when using the wipe on skin.
  3. Wipes can be used up to six times daily as needed for relief.

Doctor Butler’s Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Certified plastic free wipes means you don’t have to worry about putting microplastics in your body or into the environment. The plant sourced fibers that go into the wipes themselves are biodegradable, preventing sewage build-up and toxic degradation of our oceans. Doctor Butler’s remains equally committed in its responsibility to the environment and its safekeeping as Dr. Cutler is to the safety and wellness of his patients.

Medicated Hemorrhoid Wipes FAQs

Are these wipes safe for daily use?

Absolutely. Our wipes can be used up to six times daily, after each bowel movement or to prepare for the application of medicated ointment, cream or spray. 

How do they differ from regular wet wipes?

Doctor Butler’s flushable medicated wipes feature ingredients that protect your skin and treat hemorrhoids without the use of harsh chemical preservatives. Our main active ingredient is certified organic, and the wipes are both paraben and plastic free. The wipes are made from biodegradable plant fibers and are made in the USA, meaning they’re gentle on both you and the planet. 

Can I use them with other hemorrhoid treatments?

Use our Advanced Formula hemorrhoid and fissure ointment after wiping with these wipes. Wipes are a great first step in a daily hemorrhoid care routine to make sure that your skin is clean, and providing a base layer of relief is the necessary foundation for continuous improvement of symptoms, but it’s best to use an ointment made without a vasoconstrictor like our Advanced Formula because these wipes are already medicated to shrink swollen skin. Once you make sure you’re not doubling up on that shrinking effect, applying additional treatments to an area that has been cleaned with a medicated wipe lessens the risk of infection and improves the efficacy of the treatment. 

Are there any known side effects?

All Doctor Butler’s ingredients are considered low risk on the EWG’s Skin Deep database, for example, but an allergic reaction or unusual sensitivity is impossible to rule out. If you notice skin rash, hives, difficulty breathing or any swelling of your face, lips, or throat, see a medical professional at once. The risk of side effects is low when used as directed, but as always, consulting a physician before using any product is recommended. 

Our Pledge: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Doctor Butler’s has spent the last 15-plus years making sure its physician developed formulas function better than any other available products of its kind. Choosing our medicated flushable wipes means a convenient, gentle way to soothe skin and start healing hemorrhoids fast. We stand by our commitment to anorectal care and trust our products to deliver top of the line treatment, which is why your purchase is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 

Experience Gentle Care with Doctor Butler’s Medicated Flushable Hemorrhoid Wipes

Hemorrhoids are a pain in the behind, but treating them no longer has to be! Bring a pack of Doctor Butler’s medicated flushable wipes anywhere you go for around the clock relief. Soothing, gentle and convenient, you won’t find an easier way to care for even the most difficult places to reach.