Hemorrhoids From Biking: Does Cycling Make Them Worse?

It goes without saying that it’s extremely uncomfortable to bike if you have hemorrhoids. Lots of people, cyclists included, get pain, itching, inflammation, and swelling from hemorrhoids, but cycling itself doesn’t cause the issue. It doesn’t improve the situation, however. The good news is that any hemorrhoid swelling medication should get you back on your bike shortly (expect to wait at least 24 hours, or however long it takes to reduce swelling) and you can expect relief immediately at home as soon as you start treatment with Doctor Butler’s. That doesn’t mean you can get back on your bike right away though. Here’s why:

Hemorrhoids and Biking

The reason biking makes your hemorrhoids feel worse is it puts pressure and chafes the already sensitive tissue, as well as restricting blood flow to the anus. Some people take a break from cycling while they’re recovering, but that’s up to the individual. However, Doctor Butler’s ointment can be used to reduce the swelling, pain, itching, and inflammation associated with a hemorrhoid. Once swelling has been reduced and you don’t feel chafing, you can safely bike. Again, biking won’t cause hemorrhoids, so as long as you have it under control it shouldn’t be the thing triggering another flare up.


“Best Help Ever! This product is better than the prescription my doctor gave. I’m sticking with what works.”

Maryann S. Verified Reviewer

Why This Hemorrhoid Medication Is Unique

We spend a lot of time researching hemorrhoid remedies. This ointment is made with calendula, aloe, horse chestnut, and gotu kola, all of which have been used across the world as hemorrhoid treatments. What’s special about this doctor created ointment is that it contains every one of those herbs along with FDA recognized active ingredients for hemorrhoid and swelling relief, including Lidocaine and Phenylephrine.

The herbs in this ointment make it unique. Aloe vera alleviates the burning and treats wounds. Circulation is improved by gota kola. Calendula relieves bleeding, itching and burning. The inflammation will be brought down by the horse chestnut. Altogether, it’s a helpful combination and just what you need to get back on your bike sooner.

No other hemorrhoid home remedy is made like this ointment. Learn more about it right here.

About Robert Cutler, D.O.

Dr. Robert Cutler has performed duties as a specialist in the field of Proctology over 30 years as a practicing physician. Over this time, he has had great success integrating patient care from both an efficiency standpoint and as a practical approach to holistic and preventative medicine.

Dr. Cutler also performs FDA approved Clinical Trials and has had formal research training in Human Subject Assurance Training, OHRP/NIH and Good Clinical Practice for Investigators, Quintiles. Dr. Cutler continues to work on creating more affordable solutions to help people who are affected by ano-rectal problems as well as various chronic or acute skin issues.

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