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Best Pillow for Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are a specialized complex of soft tissue and blood vessels. Everyone is born with this complex which we believe was helpful in passage of BM’s in ancient humans. Today, however they are considered mostly vestigial (like the appendix).

There are some investigators who do believe that normal hemorrhoids still help to withhold and somewhat control BM even though we know that this is the primary function of the anal musculature (sphincter).

The abnormal hemorrhoid complex produces different symptoms and problems depending on location. And it is quite best to go for a natural hemorrhoid treatment if in case you come across with this problem.

Since hemorrhoid enlargement is typically related to a sort of “backpressure” from the inside out, we can better understand how abnormal outside or “external” hemorrhoids are caused from the inside or “internal” hemorrhoids. This is why successful treatment of abnormal hemorrhoids primarily depends on reducing the blood flow to the internal hemorrhoids.

Once the internal hemorrhoids are adequately treated, the external hemorrhoids will usually respond as well. Typical symptoms of problematic external hemorrhoids include the sudden development of a “marble”-like structure with associated discomfort. This is what is known as an external thrombotic hemorrhoid. This condition is usually self-limited and resolves within a couple of weeks’ time. Excision is reserved for cases where there is significant pain.

Recurrence is common until the internal hemorrhoids are treated since the broken vessel causing the clot comes from too much pressure internally.

The other more difficult to treat condition affecting the external hemorrhoids is chronic recurrent swelling causing small and large tags over time. In other words the blood vessels become swollen and continue to stretch out the overlying skin unless the internal hemorrhoids causing pressure to the external hemorrhoids are treated early enough. Internal hemorrhoids do prolapse or fall out which is frequently mistaken as external hemorrhoids. In fact, these hemorrhoids actually belong up inside.

The prolapse can be treated if caught early enough, by reducing the circulation to the internal hemorrhoids. This can allow reduction in size so the prolapsing internal hemorrhoids to recede back into the anus.

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Hemorrhoid Cream

Hemorrhoids make people uneasy. You may be reluctant to bring it up during an office visit with your doctor. It’s embarrassing to put a tube of cream or a package of “special” wipes on the conveyor belt where the cashier will notice. Well, your secret is safe with us! With Doctor Butler’s Maximum Strength Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment cream, not only do you get the privacy of ordering online, but you get the best cream on the market which contains prescription-strength lidocaine and maximum strength phenylephrine in a proctologist developed formula.


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Internal hemorrhoids can even trigger bowel habit changes and irritability since the nervous system will misinterpret signals being sent from the anus and rectum. In other words, the brain cannot tell the difference between large hemorrhoids and feces within the rectal vault causing many changes to occur in the gastrointestinal tract.

There is no single cause of hemorrhoids. Most often though, hemorrhoids are caused by too much pressure on the anal canal. However, this can be cured using the right hemorrhoid ointments.

Hemorrhoids can be due to:

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