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Pregnancy and Motherhood

How Long Does it Take for Stretch Marks to Fade?

In this post we’re going to find out how long it takes for stretch marks to fade, and why they are so stubborn to begin with. They do fade, you...

Skin Care

Can You Use Baby Wipes on the Face?

You’re here because there are endless baby wipes to choose from. To name just a few kinds, there are large ones, thick ones, wet ones, organic ones, natural ones, plant-based...


How to Ease Pain When Using the Restroom with Hemorrhoids

Being afraid of a painful trip to the toilet is no fun. A squeaky wheel, however, gets the grease, and because about half of all people will deal with itchy...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Just because stretch marks aren’t life-threatening doesn’t mean your fear or annoyance of them is unfounded. In our body-conscious world, the stress caused by the possibility of a bad case...

Pregnancy and Motherhood

How Often Should You Change a Baby’s Diaper?

A baby’s arrival is one of the most joyous days of your life, but those first few weeks sure do feel like a non-stop pop quiz. Some feel such urgency...


Can Stress Cause Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids that cause discomfort are fairly easy to spot, but the cause of hemorrhoids can feel like such a mystery. Do you feel that nothing you’re physically doing should cause...


Hemorrhoids High Fiber Diet – Best and Worst Foods

Have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions yet? A YouGov survey revealed that 43% of Americans aspired to eat healthier in 2020.  Eating habits are often based on convenience...


Can You Pop a Hemorrhoid and Is It Safe

When there’s something extra on the skin, some get a strange urge to pull it off - like picking a scab. It’s similar to a pimple. It feels strange, and...


Weightlifting and Hemorrhoids – What You Should Know

Those who lift weights are no strangers to pains for gains. Achy muscles are to be expected, but sometimes lifting causes enough strain for weightlifting hemorrhoids to develop. You look...

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