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What is a hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids are blood vessels that have become enlarged. They can become irritated and inflamed during and after bowel movements and may cause pain. Sufferers experience itching, swelling, and burning at...

What causes hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are caused by excess pressure on the anorectal region. This pressure can be attributed to pregnancy, weight gain, obesity, weightlifting, constipation, diarrea, sitting on the toilet for too long,...

How do I know if I need surgery for my hemorrhoids?

Surgery is reserved for the most serious cases. If your hemorrhoids last longer than one to two weeks with at home treatment you should see a doctor to discuss other...

How common are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are incredibly common, with some data showing that half of all adult aged people will experience hemorrhoids at some point. You can learn about risk factors for hemorrhoids at...

What’s the difference between internal and external hemorrhoids?

Internal hemorrhoids are located inside of the anal cavity and are typically painless, though they commonly produce bright red blood on toilet paper during bowel movements. External hemorrhoids are location...

What do hemorrhoids look like?

Irritated external hemorrhoids look like a small marbleized patch. They’re usually dark bluish in color because they’re filled with blood.

Do hemorrhoids go away? Can hemorrhoids be cured?

The source of hemorrhoids can be effectively managed with some simple lifestyle changes. Hemorrhoid symptoms such as burning, swelling, bleeding and itching can be managed with over the counter ointment.

How long do hemorrhoids last?

Hemorrhoids that last longer than one to two weeks should be evaluated by a physician. If the swelling of a case of external hemorrhoids does not go down within two...

How to treat hemorrhoids?

You can treat hemorrhoid symptoms with over the counter creams, most commonly made with Lidocaine and Phenylephrine. Lidocaine provides numbing relief while Phenylephrine reduces swelling.

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