Bidet Benefits: How it Helps With Your Butt Health and the Environment

Many Bidets is a family run business specializing in bidets and other bathroom products. We work closely with our customers to ensure that you find the best product for your needs, and we’re pleased to offer a 5% discount (coupon code drbutlers) to all Doctor Butler’s patrons.

Why Use a Bidet?

Bowel conditions like hemorrhoids and anal fissures can cause pain, burning, itching and bleeding, making daily life uncomfortable and trips to the restroom unbearable. Bidets provide a source of gentle, natural relief from these symptoms, all while making bathroom trips more pleasant!

Bidets work by aiming a stream of water at the anal or vaginal areas to wash away waste, thereby providing a gentler, more effective alternative to toilet paper. Wiping inefficiently with toilet paper can leave behind small traces of residue that increases sensitivity and itchiness, while wiping too hard can cause further swelling, pain and itching in already inflamed areas. In contrast, bidets reduce the risks of irritating tender areas and actively soothe sore tissue, all while getting you clean! Some bidets even come with built-in warm air dryers that dry you off after the wash is complete, thus eliminating the need for toilet paper altogether.

Another benefit to bidets is that the gentle stream of wash water relaxes and stimulates the bowel region. This not only makes using the restroom more comfortable overall but also helps alleviate constipation, which can cause or further aggravate hemorrhoids. In addition, many bidets come with water heaters that provide warm wash water, and some even offer special “pulse” washing that alternates the pressure of the water stream to create a soothing massage sensation and/or “oscillating” washing that rapidly moves the wash wand back and forth. These features provide additional relaxation so that using the restroom is easier and less painful all the way around.

Sitz baths are another commonly recommended, natural remedy for treating hemorrhoids and fissures, but setting up a sitz bath requires time and effort. Bidets provide a convenient and effective alternative. Many bidets can provide the same benefits as sitz baths thanks to adjustable settings that produce low water pressure, wide spray width and unlimited warm wash water, all at the touch of a few buttons.

Which Bidet is Best?

Bidets come in all shapes, sizes and types, and it can feel overwhelming to wade through the options. Below, we break down the main types of bidets and offer a curated list of good options for those experiencing hemorrhoids or fissures. To receive a 5% discount on your purchase of any Many Bidets unit, simply enter the coupon code drbutlers at checkout.

Bidet Seats

Bidet seats look similar to a toilet seat and are designed to fit in place of your existing seat. These types of bidets are easy to self-install and come in both non-electric and electric models; as the names imply, non-electric models are powered by the water pressure in your home and don’t require electricity to run, whereas electric units require an electrical outlet to properly function. If you are dealing with hemorrhoids or fissures, we recommend investing in an electric bidet seat because they are able to provide a number of important features that aren’t available on non-electric seats, such as warm wash water, warm air drying, pulsating and/or oscillating spray options, and adjustable water temperature.

The Bio Bidet Serenity A8 is our top pick for anyone suffering from hemorrhoids and fissures. The Serenity A8 offers an effective yet gentle water flow rate, unlimited warm wash water, relaxing pulsating and oscillating wash options, a warm air dryer with an extra powerful “turbo” option, a wide spray feature, and adjustable water temperature and water pressure. These features are optimally suited for soothing sore areas, promoting bowel movements, eliminating toilet paper usage, and recreating the benefits of a sitz bath in order to help alleviate painful symptoms and promote healing. The main downside is that the Serenity A8 is only made for elongated toilets, so it won’t fit on a round toilet bowl.

A second seat to consider is the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000, which provides a high quality wash experience along with a range of features designed to enhance comfort and convenience. The main difference between the Cascade 3000 and the Bio Bidet Serenity A8 is that the Cascade 3000 does not offer pulse washing, a “turbo option” on the warm air dryer, or a wide spray option. That said, its efficient water flow rate is the same as that of the Bio Bidet Serenity A8, and it comes in both round and elongated seat sizes. In addition, out of the seats recommended here, the Cascade 3000 is the only one that can fit on a French curve toilet.

Other recommended options include the Bio Bidet dib-850 Special Edition, the Kohler Novita BH-90/93, and the Brondell Swash 1400. These three seats have a slightly lower water flow rate than the Serenity A8 and Cascade 3000, as well as no “turbo option” on the warm air dryer, and neither the BH-90/93 nor the Swash 1400 offer pulse washing (the dib-850 does). That said, each of these seats are available in both round and elongated seat sizes, making them compatible with a wide range of toilets.

Integrated Toilet and Bidet Units

A second option to consider is an integrated toilet and bidet unit, which seamlessly incorporates bidet functions into the toilet itself. Integrated units tend to look sleeker and more streamlined than bidet seats and offer a wide range of features, so they’re a good choice if you’re looking to replace your existing toilet altogether.

TOTO’s Neorest collection of integrated units provide top-of-the-line quality along with luxury functionality. Each Neorest unit provides all of the essential features for alleviating symptoms, soothing painful areas and promoting healing, to include unlimited warm water, pulse and oscillating wash options, warm air drying, a wide spray option, and adjustable water temperature and pressure. In addition, the Neorest line features ultra-sleek designs and an assortment of other high-end features that vary from unit to unit such as nozzle sterilization, premisting, automatic open/close lid, self-cleaning technology, and auto flushing. If you’re interested in an integrated unit, we recommend taking a look at the following:

TOTO Neorest NX1

TOTO Neorest EW

TOTO Neorest 700H

TOTO Neorest AH

TOTO Neorest RH

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