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Hemorrhoid Swelling Medication for Bicyclists

Hemorrhoids are no day at the park, because they cause pain, itching, inflammation, and swelling. It’s just something nobody would like to experience, but lots of people get hemorrhoids, even cyclists. While riding a bicycle doesn’t necessarily cause hemorrhoids, it doesn’t improve the situation either. In fact, it can be extremely uncomfortable to bike if you have hemorrhoids. The good news is, if you’ve been pursuing a hemorrhoid swelling medication for this issue, you’ll be grateful to know that Dr. Butler’s ointment does the trick. Many people have felt relief immediately after they applied it.

Hemorrhoids and Biking

The reason biking makes your hemorrhoids feel worse is it puts pressure and chafes the already sensitive tissue, as well as restricting blood flow to the anus. Some people take a break from cycling while they’re recovering, but that’s up to the individual. However, Dr.Butler’s ointment can be used to reduce the swelling, pain, itching, and inflammation associated with a hemorrhoid.

Why This Hemorrhoid Medication Is Unique

What does calendula, aloe, horse chestnut, and gotu kola all have in common? If you’re a cyclist who has been hemorrhoid swelling medicationresearching hemorrhoid remedies, then you most likely know that they’re all used as hemorrhoid treatments. What’s special about this doctor created ointment is that it contains every one of those herbs and is FDA approved.

All of the herbs included in this ointment do something very special. Aloe vera alleviates the burning and treats wounds. Circulation will be improved by gota kola. Calendula relieves bleeding, itching and burning. The inflammation will be brought down by the horse chestnut. Altogether, it’s a helpful combination and just what you need to get back on your bike sooner.

No other hemorrhoid home remedy beats this ointment. Visit our online store today to start using it.

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