Can You Pop a Hemorrhoid? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

When there’s something extra on the skin, some get a strange urge to pull it off – like picking a scab. It’s similar to a pimple. It feels strange, and the more bothersome it is, the more want it gone. Popping it makes it seem like it’s removing it, but it’s not. An external hemorrhoid may feel like a pimple, but it’s not. Pimples are clogged pores on the skin, but hemorrhoids are swollen veins around the anus.

Should you pop a hemorrhoid as you would a pimple? No! Please don’t do that! Instead, treat it with our hemorrhoid ointment (it’s good stuff and should have you better in one to two weeks.) And if you don’t use our ointment, use a different one. Just don’t try to pop your hemorrhoid, whatever you do. If you’re wondering what might happen if you popped a hemorrhoid, well, we can explain that for you next.


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Who are we? We’re Doctor Butler’s, experts in down-there care of hemorrhoids and related conditions. We make proctologist-developed hemorrhoid ointments and complementary products to help you quickly leave the pain behind. Dr. Robert Cutler medically reviews all of the information here.

Originally published on November 17, 2020, this article has been updated to include definitions about different kinds of hemorrhoids.

What Happens If You Pop a Hemorrhoid?

Those who wonder, “Can you pop a hemorrhoid?” should bear in mind that a hemorrhoid is not a clogged pore – it’s from swollen veins. Pimples and hemorrhoids are not formed in the same way, so you can’t expect the same outcome with hemorrhoids popping as you would with zits or blisters.

It’s not a release of material trapped in pores. Instead, it’s popping the end of a vein. This means that popping a hemorrhoid could result in profuse bleeding and severe pain. The consequences of a ruptured hemorrhoid vary by type.

Internal hemorrhoids – Formed inside the rectum with a show of blood, but with no pain. Nothing extrudes that could be popped.

External hemorrhoids – Formed beneath the skin around the anus. At this stage, hemorrhoids become itchy and painful. Popping creates a risk of infection with exposure to bacteria and fecal matter.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids – A blood clot forms from worsening internal or external hemorrhoids. The complication of the blood clot increases adds another layer of risk.

Prolapsed hemorrhoids – Forms when an internal hemorrhoid is pushed out of the anus. Again, popping a hemorrhoid would be painful and might cause too much bleeding.

Can you pop a hemorrhoid? Technically yes, but this is not a recommended practice because it involves veins and sensitive anal tissue; popping any of the types listed above carries major risk.

Also, keep in mind that what you might think is a hemorrhoid could be something else, so it’s best to leave it alone and get a clear diagnosis from a physician.

Are Bleeding Hemorrhoids Dangerous?

Because hemorrhoids involve veins and swelling, they may bleed a little whether they are popped or not. Bloody show is a common symptom of hemorrhoids. External thrombotic hemorrhoids can certainly pop on their own. In this case, some bleeding would be expected to occur for the first 24 hours after rupture.

Other health complications make matters worse. So, those with bleeding disorders or who take blood-thinning medication are at increased risk should they bleed from ruptured hemorrhoids.

As mentioned before, an anal open wound is prone to infection from contact with fecal waste and the bacteria present around the anus. This might also be the case with anal fissures (tears in the anus with passing a hard stool). When infections do occur, it is most likely due to swelling and inflammation of an involved gland. Fortunately, while infections can occur, they usually do not because of the extensive network of blood vessels constantly working to clean the area.

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Bleed?

Significant bleeding from a burst hemorrhoid usually lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, not exceeding 10 minutes. There may be some additional small amount of persistent bleeding noticed for up to 24 hours. Also, bleeding is a common symptom of internal hemorrhoids, so you may spot blood between bowel movements.

If bleeding is excessive or won’t stop, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

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How Can You Stop A Hemorrhoid From Bleeding?

When you get a cut, they say to apply pressure to the area. While direct external pressure can help, there are other steps that should be taken to get the most effective results:

  • Sitz bath – Fill up the bath with a few inches of warm water (enough to submerge your anus). Adding Epsom salts to the bath for extra relief.
  • Warm Witch Hazel compresses – Buy some witch hazel and warm in a microwave or on a stovetop. Place cotton balls or gauze in the warm witch hazel and apply compresses to the swollen hemorrhoids for 15 minutes 4-6 times daily.
  • Cold pack – Reduce inflammation by wrapping a towel around a cold pack. Sit on the cold compress for up to 20 minutes.
  • Take it easy – You have hemorrhoids because of straining and pressure. Forcing a bowel movement or sitting for too long makes it worse which means more bleeding. Avoid anything that would cause further swelling or irritation.
  • Wet wipes – Skip the toilet paper and opt for moisturizing wipes. Keeping the area clean is vital for the healing process. Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoid Spray applied to the wipes or directly to the hemorrhoids helps to shrink swollen tissues.
  • Over-the-counter hemorrhoids product – If you get a scrape on your knee, you might apply a first aid product to the skin. Hemorrhoid cream is a medication for piles. Our Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment is a treatment that contains prescription-strength lidocaine that provides comfort as it heals.

Bleeding should be minimal and stop after a short while. If bleeding is heavy, persistent, or otherwise worrisome, seek medical attention immediately

Recovery After You Pop A Hemorrhoid

To answer the question, “can you pop a hemorrhoid?” you shouldn’t. Picking a scab starts the healing process all over again. Popping a zit tends to prolong healing as well. Popping a hemorrhoid is also counterproductive to healing, and is likely to make the issue worse. Popping creates a risk for infection, extreme pain, injury, or scarring.

Popping and picking at things is sometimes due to impatience. Healing hemorrhoids takes time and means sticking to a routine that promotes healing and wellness.

Pressure could make a hemorrhoid pop, and pressure always makes hemorrhoids worse. So, avoid wearing tight or irritating underwear. Be careful lifting heavy items and avoid exercise that causes you to bear down on your anal area.

Constipation and hard stools also make hemorrhoids worse. You help avoid straining during a bowel movement by eating a high fiber diet and drinking plenty of water.

The sooner you heal, the better. A healthy lifestyle and modifying your habits goes a long way, but using an anal fissure ointment that works reduces the amount of time it takes to heal.

Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoid Treatment Works!

If your hemorrhoids issue worsens, there is excessive bleeding, or your condition seems abnormal, be sure to reach out to a trusted doctor.

Popping or trying to remove hemorrhoids on your own does not solve the problem. Only a trained physician can do removal treatments. But what you can do is take care of the issue with self-care and lifestyle adjustments that are consistent.

For best results, your care plan should include effective remedies. Doctor Butler’s offers several products that help you heal faster:

  • Hemorrhoid Cream & Fissure Ointment – Relieve pain, itching, and burning faster with a cream that is formulated with the finest ingredients.
  • Hemorrhoid Spray – This soothing mist is packed with nourishing ingredients for relief from anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Memory Foam Seat Cushion – A tough case of hemorrhoids makes it hard to sit down. This cushion relieves some of the pressure on the swollen area. It’s also great for lower back pain and Sciatica.

Be patient with hemorrhoids. With the right self-care routine, you’ll be on the path to healing. And for best results, choose our hemorrhoid cream & fissure ointment to clear up the issue even faster.

About Robert Cutler, D.O.

Dr. Robert Cutler has performed duties as a specialist in the field of Proctology over 30 years as a practicing physician. Over this time, he has had great success integrating patient care from both an efficiency standpoint and as a practical approach to holistic and preventative medicine.

Dr. Cutler also performs FDA approved Clinical Trials and has had formal research training in Human Subject Assurance Training, OHRP/NIH and Good Clinical Practice for Investigators, Quintiles. Dr. Cutler continues to work on creating more affordable solutions to help people who are affected by ano-rectal problems as well as various chronic or acute skin issues.

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