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How to get rid of external hemorrhoids?

The most efficient method to get rid of external hemorrhoids is to use an over the counter ointment with Lidocaine and Phenylephrine. Also consider an ointment with protectants like Lanolin...

Why do hemorrhoids itch at night?

During the day your mind is busy. Only when you lie down to rest at night do things that are subtly bothering you become more noticeable, including hemorrhoid-related itching, as...

How to prevent hemorrhoids?

You can likely prevent hemorrhoids with some simple changes to your lifestyle. Diet and weight management are contributing factors and you can read more about that at our dedicated page...

Does stress cause hemorrhoids?

Yes, stress can cause hemorrhoids, though indirectly through stress-causing digestive issues and related symptoms such as diarrhea and constipation, which are directly linked with hemorrhoid formation. Learn more about stress-related...

Why do hemorrhoids bleed?

Hemorrhoids bleed due to repeated trauma from the passage of stools during a bowel movement. Harder stools specifically can cause bleeding, which is why we recommend softening stools with a...

How to treat a hemorrhoid flare-up?

Start by treating the symptoms with a hemorrhoid cream or natural remedy such as a witch hazel compress, and then move on to reduce contributing risk factors such as diet,...

Can I exercise when I’m having a flare-up?

You can, though you may want to change your routine if it puts a lot of pressure on the anorectal area, especially with weightlifting. Read this review of hemorrhoids and...

How does lidocaine relieve hemorrhoid symptoms?

Lidocaine is a strong topical numbing agent and it relieves symptoms by numbing the pain.

What’s the difference between hemorrhoids and piles?

There is no difference between hemorrhoids and piles. They are different names for the same condition.

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