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Are Bowel Problems Common?

Whether you like to talk about it or not, everyone goes through bouts of bowel issues. And gastrointestinal problems do happen to the best of us. But if your gastrointestinal...


When to See a Proctologist for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can cause you to feel many things. But painfully excruciating shouldn’t be one of them. Hemorrhoids are the results of inflamed or swollen veins in the lower rectum or...


IBS Foods to Avoid: List of Foods that Trigger IBS

An estimated 10-15% of Americans suffer from IBS symptoms but only 7% have been diagnosed with the disease. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is a disorder of the bowel that produces...


How to Deal with Hemorrhoid Flare Ups

Hemorrhoids happen to the best of us. They can occur as we get older and can come in two forms: internal and external. If you’ve had hemorrhoids in the past...


Do off-brand Hemorrhoid Creams Work?

Off-brand products tend be less expensive. And some would argue that they are less effective than a brand name. But can you really find relief with an off-brand hemorrhoid cream...


Colonoscopy Prep Diet and Preparation Tips

Planning for a normal routine checkup is no big deal. But some procedures require a little more preparation and guidance. A colonoscopy is a procedure where the gastrointestinal doctor examines...


Can Hemorrhoids Cause Anemia?

Iron deficiency happens when there’s a low supply of iron in the body. Iron plays an important role in the production of red blood cells and when iron is low,...


Hemorrhoidectomy Recovery Tips: Patient At Home Guide

75% of people are affected by hemorrhoids during their course of life. Depending on the type of treatment, the recovery time usually lasts from one to three weeks. The recovery...


What Activities Aggravates Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can significantly impact your day to day life. Surviving even a day at work seems like an impossible task. The constant pain and discomfort that come with it, not...

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